Dried Barley Grain (Mai Ya) 500g


Barley Grain is from the same family as oats, wheat and quinoa. It is not as popular as the other grains, as many people aren’t aware of all the health benefits barley has. You can use it as an alternative for rice, or try it in a soup!

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    Although Barley Grain may not be as popular as other grains like oats, wheat or quinoa, barley can have some impressive health benefits. It has a very high fibre content, vitamins and minerals and antioxidants. Barley is one of the oldest consumed grains in the world. It was a staple grain for peasants during medieval times and is still widely used in some countries. One portion of cooked barley has fewer calories, but more fibre than quinoa, brown rice or wild rice.

    fabulous fibre

    One of the barley’s best benefits is its high fibre content. Each serving of barley contains 6 grams of fibre. Fibre helps healthy digestion, glucose metabolism and heart health. Consuming foods that are high in fibre can also make you feel fuller, meaning you may feel more satisfied and have fewer cravings. Fibre can provide volume to your diet without any additional calories, meaning it can help with weight loss. The levels of fibre can also help to fight constipation and diarrhoea, as it can regulate bowel movements.

    barley benefits

    A diet that includes whole grains, such as barley has been shown to protect against various forms of cancer, including breast, colon, and prostate cancers. Whole grains contain compounds that have the ability to fight disease and killer cells.

    Other benefits of barley may include: 

    • Helps control blood sugar levels
    • Prevents heart disease
    • Helps to control blood sugar levels
    • Provides antioxidants
    • High in vitamins and minerals




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