Dried Papaya (Mu Gua) 500g


Dried Papaya is also known as Chinese Quince Fruit or Mu Gua. It has a slightly sour taste, unlike the sweeter fresh papaya. The dried papaya is a great source of fibre and can help with a number of health issues like cholesterol and digestion.

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    Dried Papaya is also known as Chinese quince fruit or Mu Gua, and has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. It can be eaten raw, ripe and dried. The fruit is sweeter when ripe but slightly sourer when dried but makes a great chewy snack. It is full of fibre which keeps your bowel clear and the carbohydrate gives you energy. You can also make facemasks with the fruit as it helps moisturise your skin and makes it feel healthy.

    Dried papaya also works well in baked food like bread, cookies or muffins.

    papaya positives

    The dried fruit is rich in carbohydrates so it can provide energy to your body. If you feel lethargic, eat dried papaya as an energy booster.

    If you are underweight, papaya may help you to gain weight as it is rich in calories. One serving contains almost 20 calories.

    Papaya is also a good source of fibre which may help keep your cholesterol under control. It may also enhance your blood circulation. 

    The fruit contains several vitamins like A and B-complex which can make your cellular function active. It is also full of calcium, potassium, iron and manganese.

    Dried papaya contains vitamin A which may improve your vision.


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