Dried Liquorice Root (Gan Cao) Sliced 500g


Licorice root, also known as Gan Cao or sweet root, is used mostly as a sweetener food and drink. People have also used licorice root for centuries for its medicinal benefits. It can soothe your stomach and cleanse your respiratory system. Gan Cao works best in tea.

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    Liquorice is used in food and drink for its distinctive taste. But Liquorice Root, known as Gan Cao, has very different strength. It is found growing in Europe, the Mediterranean and Asia, and it’s been used for thousands of years and dozens of purposes.

    Liquorice Root has been used by the Chinese as a ‘guide drug’. It has been used with other herbs to enhance their effects and essentially guide the other herbs to how they should be the most beneficial. This concept highlights why liquorice root is one of the most popular herbs in Chinese medicine.


    When considering the benefits of liquorice, it is no wonder that it remains so popular. It can help treat a number of conditions that are terribly prominent in our society.

    • Heartburn and acid reflux: liquorice root has been found to be effective against heartburn, nausea, indigestion and stomach pain.
    • Leaky gut: as an anti-inflammatory and soothing herb, the root works as a natural remedy for ulcers and can be a beneficial leaky guy supplement.
    • Adrenal fatigue: liquorice has been found to regulate cortisol, which is the stress hormone. With a regulated stress hormone, adrenal glands stop going into overdrive.
    • Immunity: Gan Cao has been found to treat and prevent disease like hepatitis C, HIV and influenza as it is an antiviral.
    • Cough/sore throat: liquorice root helps expel mucus. It has soothing, anti-inflammatory properties that can bring relief for sore throats. Liquorice can be found in cough syrups and sweets.
    • PMS/menopause: Gan Cao has an estrogen-like effect in women. It can help with menstrual and fertility-related problems, including PMS. Liquorice also helps reduce the duration of hot flushes during menopause.
    • Pain relief: liquorice can have a positive effect on cramps, both abdominally and in the muscles. Typically, liquorice can relieve eczema discomfort and joint pain.


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