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    Thermal Design Power (TDP) lamps are far infrared heating devices used to accelerate natural healing processes. Far infrared (below visible light spectrum) emissions are thought to penetrate deeply into the body, increasing micro-circulation and thus delivering more oxygen and nutrients to injured cells while eliminating cellular waste. With 1 year warranty. Try the Phoenix TDP Heat Lamp today!

    The Phoenix TDP Heat Lamp is not just technologically advanced, it has been improved to make it even easier to use. We have spent 3 years developing the new lamp to ensure it is as effective as possible. We have tried and tested both lamp head whilst in production to ensure practitioners receive the very best product.

    The infrared light penetrates the skin and the tissues, whereas the TDP plate penetrated deeper to the bone and ligaments. Combining the two elements allows for the lamp to treat more ailments and a wider area. As well as this, the bio-lamp as much more cost and space effective as just one Phoenix lamp does the job of two separate lamps.

    The new user-friendly design is optimised for use in clinics as the flexible and adjustable arm reaches a wider area of the body, and the height-adjustable means the lamp can vary from 50cm to 130cm high. The high-quality 5-foot wheelbase now allows you to effortlessly move the lamp around your clinic and prevents tilting and instability. The 5 legs, cable and head are all CE approved for the utmost safety.

    The lamp head itself contains 33 minerals to help replace any lost mineral content in the body. The head is also able to tilt and turn to focus treatment in different directions and can be removed and replaced easily. The lamp head has an estimated working life of more than 2000 hours so should last for many years.

    The TDP Heat Lamp is safe, non-invasive and easy to use and works to treat diseases by replacing the lost mineral content in the body. The heat and other frequencies near infrared heat lamps emit improve circulation, hydration and oxygenation. A single red infrared heat lamp directed at an area of the body can provide the following benefits:

    • Stimulates the hypothalamus to help  sleep better, elevate mood, ease pain and lower hypertension
    • Promote the flow of Qi by relieving inflammation, joint pain, shoulder pain and joint pain
    • Treats skin conditions such as dermatitis, bruises and scarring
    • Kills infections and viruses such as pneumonia, colds and flu
    • Faster tissue and wound healing due to deeper penetration

    CE Certified.
    UK 3 pin plug.

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