Dried Wheat Berry (Fu Xiao Mai) 500g


Wheat Berry is a grain that includes the entire wheat kernels except for the hull. Just like most grains, the wheat berry is very nutritious. It can be milled or boiled and can be used in salads, baked goods and as a side dish.

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    Wheat Berry is also known as Fu Xiao Mai or shrivelled wheat. It is a grain that includes the entire wheat kernel except for the hull. This grain is a brown/tan colour and can be milled or boiled. Wheatberry can be used in salads, baked goods and as a side dish. Just like most grains, wheat berry is very nutritious. It is not processed so it retains its nutritional values including fibre.

    wonderful wheat

    Wheat berry is incredibly low in calories. They also expand when you cook them so a little goes a long way, making them a satisfying and filling snack.

    The grain is a complex carbohydrate. This type of carb makes you feel fuller for longer which means you won’t get cravings or overeat. This may also help to stabilise blood sugar levels.

    Shrivelled wheat contains essential healthy fats and proteins, which makes it great for a satisfying, low-calorie meal. The healthy fats can help regulate the cholesterol level in the blood and can decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.

    Fu Xiao Mai also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. It is packed with magnesium which can help lower blood pressure and may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.


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